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Facing Pelvic Pain
A Hub for People with Pelvic Pain and Pain Teams


Worrying about a loved one

Throughout every stage, we know it can be stressful trying to find the right answers

Created in 2021, Facing Pelvic Pain provides step-by-step ways to best improve from pelvic pain, which can affect people of any age, gender or pre-existing physical conditionWith the help of hundreds of sub-specialized experts, the paths from initial diagnosis to successful treatments are mapped out according to interconnected specialties:

  • Anesthesiology

  • Colorectal Surgery

  • Gastrointestinal Medicine

  • Gynecology

  • Neurosurgery

  • Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

  • Psychiatry & Psychology

  • Orthopedics

  • Pharmacology

  • Rheumatology

  • Sex Therapy

  • Urology

  • Vascular Surgery

Videos, websites, treatment chart, and reading material are curated and organized for you.

(A 2-minute introduction video from Dr. Elise)

Facing Pelvic Pain is a must-have resource for those experiencing symptoms directly or caring for someone with pelvic pain. The goal is to find causes, to prevent further pain as soon as possible, and to sustain good health once recovered. Regardless of stage of treatment or root condition, this site is designed for everyone to aid the transition through and out of chronic pain.

Drs. Elise De & Theodore Stern have labored, alongside their patients and collaborators, to carefully organize and communicate today's best available answers. To make this patient-friendly information even more understandable, relevant medication tables and treatment plans have been added with visuals that facilitate learning.

This work aims to improve the situation for anyone impacted by pelvic pain, especially those who are still struggling to find solutions. Facing Pelvic Pain could change your course for the better with many healthy years to come. Please take the first step and start reading now!

Treatment Map

Our hope is that every person living through pelvic pain has access to this information. Not all people live near a major medical center, and those who do may not navigate to the best medical professionals for their pain. 

Enjoy, learn, heal, and spread the word about Facing Pelvic Pain.

- Elise J.B. De, MD, Ted A. Stern, MD

                (and the 43 other authors of Facing Pelvic Pain)

Reviews from readers

Pelvic pain care requires sensitivity and thoroughness from doctors and medical staff. We are happy to report our patients and readers are finding their paths to relief with Facing Pelvic Pain.

Simplifying pain's complexity. The authors took the time to translate the information for patients to best understand and benefit from the work. Readers appreciate the balance between basics and technical details -- by breaking down those explanations side-by-side.

Thorough exploration and guidance. Covering a wide range of scenarios, with informative visual aids, even those who have suffered for a long time report they can uncover the root causes and promoters of their pain. More importantly, patients are finding helpful new answers and remedies to feel better and recover more fully.

Life-changing! Some people endure years of avoidable pain before finding a path torward relief. Facing Pelvic Pain helps one get the most out of doctors visits, medications and surgeries... whether the pain first started or the pain has been resistant to treatment. Strategies to use at home are provided throughout.

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