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About Us

Pelvic Pain Specialists Who, Together, Leave no Stone Unturned

The medical professionals on this page hail from every part of pelvic medicine: Anesthesiology, Basic Science, Colorectal Surgery, Gastrointestinal Medicine, Gynecology, Neurosurgery, Patient Education, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Psychiatry, Psychology, Orthopedics, Pharmacology, Rheumatology, Sex Therapy, Urology, and Vascular Surgery.

Our Story

Pain can almost always be helped. We all routinely see patients who have seen innumerable doctors, who have been told their pain is not real, who had had well-meaning doctors who could not help, whose lives have been altered by pain, who had organs removed with no benefit.... we have also seen people who reached the right help at the right time. This book is our best effort to put the tools we understand in the hands of those who have pain - and their local providers.

Meet The Authors

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